Duneboarding is not exactly new, but over the last couple of years, the sport has become increasingly popular.

But who do it... and Why?

Some strive to achive greatness because they are talented gits who can do anything, others do it because the sand is there, still others fling themselves down slopes of sand because the thrill of snowboarding has gone. Many snowboarders are finding that as the ski industry discovers how to export (exploit ?) snowboarding to the masses, the traditional snowboarders are pushing the envelope again, this time on sand. For me, it's usually wamer flinging yourself down a slope of sand than of snow.

What's here?

Not much - at the moment, except some action shots of me duneboarding in The Gambia, unless any tells me otherwise, I'll claim that as a first. Also, there are some shots of me boarding in sunny Norfolk, England.


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