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Quick arrival guide to Hungary

Our intrepid elderly travelers, Berol and Biro, take a trip to Hungary and discover the ins and outs of arriving in the historic city Budapest.

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It is impossible to take the quarter of a mile walk through the lowland tropical rainforest that spills you into the middle of the Central Plaza of Tikal without being in awe of the mute imperial glory of the temples.
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IBM PC110 Pamltop
In the mid 1990's, IBM released the smallest, fully featured, IBM PC compatible computer. The PC110 became a hot item in Japan and found a global following from those who needed power without the weight. This APJ microsite became, and still is, one of the leading sites about this computer.
Easter Island
"In the middle of the Great Ocean, in a region where no one ever passes, there is a mysterious and isolated island..."
Let me take you on an adventure to the remotest, inhabited island, in the world.
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Video on the move
When APJ was first conceived, cameras were heavier, less versatile and lower quality than today. With an array of modern Digital video cameras on the market, APJ tested the fesaibility of traveling with this high tech. kit.
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In search of Vlad the Impaler

One night at the pub, Yvette mentioned whe was really into Vampires and had always wanted to visit Romania so that she could see for herself, the castle of Vlad Dracule, a.k.a Vlad the Impaler, a.k.a Dracula...

..and the pub is where the thought should have stayed, but no, two weeks later, a small band of friends were on their way to Romania by way of Hungary.

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The world stopped to draw breath
A personal view the day of the World Trade Center Attack, September 11th 2001.

The morning started like any other. With a bagel and coffee in hand, the walk to the office was pleasant on this warm fall morning. The sky was blue, the trees were hinting at change and the populace was looking towards the end of the summer heat and the beginning of a cold winter.

We got more than we bargained for.

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Marmite, you either love it, or you hate it. Tickle your tastebuds at :


Office humor or office hell. The American fascination with cubes in the workplace bemuses Europeans and this website was my one man stand againt being moved from a 16th floor window seat to a maze of cubes with no light, ventilation or style


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