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WebBoy header

As for WebBoy,
It is the DOS/V private software which easily can enjoy Internet.

GIF???? It is the DOS/V private Web browser.
GIF???? Internet of course can use also the E-mail.


[ 98. 09. 07 ]
WebBoy Version 4.0 is announced. Please read the home page of the WebBoy V4.0.

Furthermore (, the WebBoy Version3.0 stops the shipment from the IBM ' at October 21st of 98 attendant upon this.


WebBoy online * help
WebBoy V3.0 operation verification being completed hardware summary
WebBoy V3.0 correction program


The WebBoy explanation book was published.

Announcement news * picture example of WebBoy V3.0.


As for WebBoy,
It works easily it is the WWW browser with the DOS.

As for Internet, with DOS/V.
Please try the WebBoy.
As for WebBoy*, DOS/V private Internet * web * browser.
It is possible even with the DOS/V personal computer of the PalmTop PC*110 and the like where the CPU and memory et cetera are limited to utilize Internet simply.
In other words, the DOS/V personal computer of your labor assistant, being to be able to utilize as Internet terminal it does.

E-mail available.
Also the fee which it is easy to seek is charm.
The WebBoy low furthermore with the function which is equal to the former Internet * web * browser, easily can access Internet at cost.
Of course, also the E-mail which attracts attention as a new communication method is available.
One proposition from IBM.
That is reuse of the DOS/V personal computer.
As for the IBM, existence of the DOS/V which you used for a long time, and thing of everyone of the DOS/V user is not forgotten.
Therefore as for the WebBoy the IBM which developed the DOS/V it must be possible.
The result of considering the demand for the times, mono reuse, sufficiently it meaning that the fact that it is born is the WebBoy, it does.
WebBoy V3.0 other merits
- The TCP/IP communication program is included.
(As for the driver of the network card which you use please use those which belong to that card.
- The PPP dial up IP, and it is possible to connect to the LAN.
- EUC/JIS/S-JIS conversion (Japanese)
- HTML version 3.2 tag support (part not yet correspondence such as Java** applet and Java script)
- GIF/JPEG support (transmitted GIF and animation GIF)
- HTTP communication protocol
- With the SMTP/POP3 the E-mail processing
- SVGA (VESA) 256 colors (640480, 800600 and 1024768)
- VGA16 color (640480), monochrome 16 gradation (640480)
- Kana Chinese character conversion support
(Note) - Other TCP/IP applications (the FTP and the like) it is not included.
- Support of printing function has not done.
- Support of the progressive JPEG has not done.
- OS/2* and Windows** 3.1, Windows** 95, Windows NT**
We do not support the operation with the DOS interchangeable BOX.
- We do not support internal modem of the PalmTop PC110.
- Serial * ?? To (RS-23C2c) as a tip/chip, when the personal computer which does not load 16550 interchangeable UART (the PS/55 Note, ThinkPad 220 and the like) is, we do not support the transmission speed above the 4800bps with of external modem. In these cases, we recommend the use of PC card modem.
WebBoy V3.0 work environment

Basic software : Or more of IBM DOS version J5.02/V
Hardware : The above-mentioned basic software it works the type
(CPU: Above 386SX) (memory: Above 4MB)
Video * support : SVGA (VESA), VGA and PalmTop110
Keyboard : Browsing only of the keyboard is possible
Hard disk : For installing, being less crowded capacity above the 5MB is needed
Memory capacity : Conventional memory 500KB, or more of expansion storage 2.5MB
Communication hardware : Asynchronism modem / token ring LAN/ ethernet LAN

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