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WGS students who are lost and need to be found ;-)

If you are looking for somebody from Wisbech Grammer School,
from any year, I am more than happy to add them to the list.

If you know anybody on this list, or anybody who
might know or you are on this list, please contact me,
Seamus Waldron, by email (click here).


Adrian Worgan Web Search

I only knew Adrian for one year, but I do remember having a few laughs, especially at Christmas when he was desperately trying to get kisses off as many girls as possible by magically appearing mistletoe over their heads ;-)

This is what Adrian has been up-to, sourced from Friendsreunited.co.uk

Family Man - married to Marie (formerly Marie Lee also of Deacon's origin)since 1992 now have 4 children: Alexander (9), Amelia (6), William (2) and Timothy (newly born 28/09/01) living in Bourne since 1995

Set up and run own business in partnership "P R Services" plumbing and heating company since 1998 - employing 10 full time heating engineers. 1st Shop due to open end October in Bourne selling: Fires, Central Heating, Boiler replacements and upgrades; Kitchens, Kitchen appliances and Bathrooms. (Currently looking for qualified NICEIC electricians)

Studying through Open University for MBA

Run local Cub Scout pack - which I reformed in 1998.

Interests include: family life, reading, gadgets (spend too much money on toys and gizmos), motorcycling(in process of setting up Motorcycle Race team for the endurance series 2002), amateur dramatics (direct and act with local group), and holidays.

Amanda Blunden Web Search
Andrew Dickinson Web Search
Anjula Bali Web Search
Catherine Feek Web Search
Charlotte Young Web Search

The grape vine says Charlotte went away to University, then returned to Wisbech and now has a child.

Darren Salmon Web Search

Darren was working on a mediterranean island as a chef du cusine. He is probably still there.

David Salmon Web Search

The grape-vine (Norman) tells us that David is working on the Crescent in Wisbech and that he was married a couple of years ago.

Only a few days after the grape-vine started talking, an email appeared in my in-box which I am assuming is right up-to-date. David is indeed living in Wisbech and is running his own Independent Financial Services Group. He is married and has a 1yr old baby. At present he is also the captain of the Wisbech 1st rugby team. (thanks to Jason Lampen for this tip)

Dominic Harrington Web Search
Edward Thompson Web Search Norman Jacobs

Norman Jacobs saw Edward Thompson two years ago on a visit to Wisbech.

Elliott Frisby Web Search

Currently lives and works in London in Public Relations (possibly the British Tourist Authority?) after living in Wisbech, Ipswich and Leeds.

Sourced from Friendsreunited.co.uk

Graham Martin Web Search
Hazel Fairbanks Web Search

Hazel was great fun and always seemed to be attached to Mark Fernee (see Marks information ;-)

Now, I really hope to God this isn't about the Hazel Fairbanks that we all know, but it is the only reference to a Hazel Faibanks that I have been able to find.

On Friday, February 4, 2000, the Hampshire Chronicle reported the suicide of a Hazel Fairbanks, aged 29 (which would be the right age for our year), who was chronically depressed.

Justine Jones Web Search

Justine always used to hang out with Maura. From memory, she went out with Graham Martin for a while and nobody could understand why.

Karen Harty Web Search

Living in Wimbledon. Has a five year old son called Joshua. Spent six years as a chef, but now works for the local council.

Partially sourced from Friendsreunited.co.uk

Kathleen Bell Web Search
Katy Bridges Web Search
Kerry Adamson Web Search
Lynne Morgan Web Search

I always liked Lynne as we used to go to school together from Kings Lynn. I last saw Lynne at the Norfolk College of Arts and Technology in Kings Lynn where she was doing a catering course. Presumeably she went into the catering business.

This is the brief information Lynne has provided on sourced Friendsreunited.co.uk

Currently living and working in the Norfolk area. Divorced with no children but a horse and a dog.

Maree Fomes Web Search

Married with 2 girls.Now living in Wimblington.

Source from friendsreunited.co.uk

Mark Fernee Web Search

Mark was always attached to Hazel - usually in compromising positions at parties...;-)

A sighting of Mark has been made by Andy Cheng in Ipswich, where he is the manager of the WH Smiths.

Friendsreunited.co.uk confirms that Mark is married with 2 children Erin (2) Baby Ben

Living and working in Ipswich and a season ticket holder for the tractor boys [as if that is a suprise to everone - Seamus ;-)]

Maura Lambourne Web Search

Maura was always to be seen hanging out with with Justine Jones.

Melanie George Web Search

Working in Local Government as Senior Legal Executive. Married Steven Egginton with a girl and baby on the way.

Sourced from friendsreunited.co.uk

Nicholas Osborn Web Search
Nicola Lansdell Web Search
Nicola Silva Web Search

Nicky is listed at friendsreunited.co.uk but has not left any information about herself.

Patrick Bodger Web Search
Patrick Saliba Web Search

Patric was from Malta? Anyway, I remember a very unfortuneate hair cut (more like skin head) that he ahd which made hium look remakably like Freddie Mercury.

Ricky Troughton Web Search

Apparently, Ricky had got married (early 90s?) and is currently working as a Computer Based Training (CBT) Lesson Designer in Bristol.

Partially sourced from Friendsreunited.co.uk

Ruth Hornett Web Search

In 1994, Norman Jacobs saw Ruth Hornett who was living with a guy who he remembered from Wisbech days.

Ruth is listed at friendsreunited.co.uk but has not left any information about herself.

Sarah Ekins Web Search
Simon Robinson Web Search Seamus Waldron

The last time I spoke to Simon, he was working for the Met. office and I think (though memory fails me now) was in Peterborough.

Susan Mitcham Web Search Gabriella Gunthardt

Sue Mitcham got a job working for Aspland & James in Chatteris after A levels. She also got married.

Timothy Tebb Web Search Seamus Waldron

What to say about Tim. We were great friends for my years at Wisbech and a few after. Tim did a catering course at NORCAT and went into the catering business after that.

Unfortunately we drifted apart when I went ti University and I haven't heard from Tim at all.

Victoria Van Daalen Web Search

One of the lovely "Convent" girls.;-) Apparently went to Sheffield University and is now living in Spalding.

Simon Cheney Web Search

Living just outside Cambridge for an IT company.

Sourced from Friendsreunited.co.uk

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