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This entry is currently in outline form.

First, went on a shopping spree. Bought Orongo boards, given two for free. Bought a 3ft Moai, given two small stone Moais for free, plus three postcards. Promised to return in the morning for some wooden Moai.
Tried to get some T-shirts, not in my size. Man said he would bring some around to the house in the evening.
At mid-day headed to the cave with the two "windows" to do some filming. Spent about an hour. The cave was really special. THe pitch blackness of the cave giving way to the twin views of rolling blue ocean.
Headed inland to Ahu Akivi, the only Ahu where the Moai (7) face the sea. Apperntly to symbolise the direction the first settlers came from.
Went to the top knot quarry.
Spent an hour filming and then having a swim at Annekena.
Continued around the coast to Poike.
Stopped at the hollowed out stone. Still couldn't get it to make a sound.
Didn't realise that I left my bag with my camera and stuff in it,
Went to Poike, far eastern end of Easter Island.
Continued to AhuTongariki.
Realised I had left my bag. Mad dash back along the gravel and dirt road. Bag was still there.
Back to Ahu Tongariki to look at the Moai with the goatee. I think it is just a bit of rock that hadn't been knocked off yet.
Quick 5 minute drive to Rano Raraku for sunset. Sat with my new "guardian", the Moai with the ship carved on him. My three foot Moai is a copy of this guy.
Home for dinner. Different kinds of fish. Fantastic.
Changed my flight details so I could get an extra day on the island. Now going back Saturday.


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