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The first thing I had to do was pack my backpack. No easy task as I had managed to buy several items of clothing, a torch, a new guide book and loads of leaflets and rubbish like that. I couldn't believe it when I did manage to get everything in and the backpack zipped up. It weighed a ton though.

Checking out of my hotel and leaving my backpack, I headed for the center of Santiago to return the car, which was a remarkably painless experience.

I'm writing this in the Mecado Central, eating a beautifully cooked Sole in black pepper. A band is serenading the open-air resultants that are housed within the main building - I've just been scammed for a dollar for "the musician" even though I didn't ask them to play in the first place. Oh well, it was good music and a good way to relax before my flight, finally, to Easter Island.


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