a profound journey

a profound journey was and is the brainchild of Seamus Waldron.

In 1995, Seamus had an idea, travel to South America with the latest in satellite, digital photographic and computer technology, to raise funds for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Cresent.

To make the venture unique (at that time) the trip was to be "broadcast" live over the internet and have a documentary made for the Discovery Channel. Funding, resources and marketing efforts were found for promoting this event. Endorsment was given by the IFRCRCS. Technology was bought everything was ready, I even did interviews on the BBC World Service.

Then, disaster. Due to internal politics at the company I was working for at the time, the seed money promised by that company was not forthcomming. This meant the end of the venture, though it did not mean the end of the concept and site.

What you see here today is an effort mainly made between 1995 and 1998, sporadically until 2003 and then major rewrite of content, two major re-designs and a large investment of time and effort to expand upon the original content

The IBM PC110 site is the most popular of the APJ domain, followed by a site for Jive and Lindy Dancing called Jiveclub.com. Another popular site is for the Boston PDA User Group.

BostonPDA.org and Jiveclub.com are interesting sites because they are dynamically generated, using an advanced Content Management System (CMS) called SiteEngine and sold through my company Sedasoft Ltd.

In the spring of 2000, I moved from the United Kingdom to Boston in the USA. By the summer, I was moved from an office looking out over downtown Boston into a cubicle that in Europe would have been against the law for many, many reasons. As a protest, I created ihatemycube.com but was quickly pressured by my employer to remove it due to the "negative" impact on the moral of the company. All rubbish, but I did remove the site for about six months and then very quietly ressurected the site. Have a look, it will make you laugh. (Incidently, moved back into an office with a fantastic view over Boston and finally moved back to the UIK)

Recent additions to the domain include www.ihatemarmite.com and www.ilovemarmite.com. Both are generated and maintined using my RAT technology (I must find a new name for it! ;-)

A static site that is already growing too big and in need some serious coding, is a simple site for tracking down my old school friends from Wisbech Grammer School. I started this site in the summer of 1999, but the software I was writing distracted me and turned into the RAT publishing software. As such, it wasn't until August 2001 that I finnaly put something together.

So, there you have it, a profound journey is about travel, technology and a bit of humour. It is a journey that never stops and I hope you enjoy sharing my journey and that you take the time out to have one yourself.

All the best,

Seamus Waldron
May. 2004


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