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A profile of me (and why I want to go to Easter Island)

In 1995, I (Seamus Waldron) had an idea, travel to South America with the latest in satellite, digital photographic and computer technology, to raise funds for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Cresent.

To make the venture unique (at that time) the trip was to be "broadcast" live over the internet and have a documentary made for the Discovery Channel. Funding, resources and marketing efforts were found for promoting this event. Endorsment was given by the IFRCRCS. Technology was bought everything was ready, I even did interviews on the BBC World Service.

Then, disaster. The seed money promised did not materialise meaning the end of the venture, though it did not mean the end of the concept and site that was to be the home of the journey, called "a profound journey".

This journey to Easter Island if fulfilling part of "a profound journey". What you see here today and on the full APJ site, is an effort made between 1995 and the present to travel the world using technology to bring the experience to the internet generation.

This trip will be filmed so that I can edit together a documentary about the history of Easter Island with a bit of practical travel information. One day I would like to get into the travel documentary business.

Throughout the trip, I will endevour to upload live updates to this website. To do this, I am travelling with a Sony PC100 digital video camera, an Apple iBook, an acoustic coupler from TeleAdapt, a digital still camera (Sony DC85) and my trusty Canon EOS 35mm SLR with more Fuji Slide film that you can possibly imagine.

I am a specialist in the delivery of content to the wired world and have been in the industry since the mid 90's when we called the Internet age "the online industry".

I was born in 1970 (I'm a Leo) and was brought up travelling the world by my parents, I owe them everything.

Seamus Waldron
November. 2001


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