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Week 2 (Nov 24th - Dec 2nd)

News and video updates from week 2.

Day 9 - Nov 24th The climb of Rano Kau and a visit to Orongo village.
Day 10 - Nov 25th A cycle trip just outside of Hango Roa. In outline form
Day 11 - Nov 26th A cycle tripi to Rano Raraku, 30km round trip. In outline form
Day 12 - Nov 27th A full day at Rano Raraku, this time driving and not being too knackerd to do anything :-)
Day 13 - Nov 28th Tour of the island with landlady, plus some exploration of caves. In outline form
Day 14 - Nov 29th Mad shopping spree, plus caving, swimming and a faboo sunset. In outline form
Day 15 - Nov 30th Last full day on Easter Island just chilling out. Awaiting upload
Day 16 - Nov 31st Afternoon fligt to Santiago. Awaiting upload
Day 16 - Dec 1st Fly overnight to Miami. Awaiting upload
Day 17 - Dec 2nd Fly to Boston - early :-(
Awaiting upload

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