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This entry is currently in outline form.

Early start, very tired.
Went on a tour of the Island with Maria.
First we went to Rano Rarku. The car park was absolutely full on tour buses. The volcano was crawling with the Japanese tourists from the cruise ship.
Car park also full of vendors selling every conceivable type of Easter Island related souvenier.
Climbed to the top of the volcano, where Maria showed me the large sink holes that were used to secure men working on the Moai below using ropes. Over the vertical side of the mountain is a cemetary.
Maria was brought up around Rano Raraku.
Ahu Tongariki used to have at least twenty five Moai and was twenty meters in height, so said Maria. She showed me some petroglys near the Ahu.
Further around the island, just off the road, were two sites of petroglyps and a hollow stone that could be blown into. Apparently only three people in the island today can make it come alive. The sound is so load it can be heard all over the island and was once used by the chief of the area to call is people to him.
Had lunch and a swim at Annekena beach. Japanese tourists having lunch and swimming.
Headed towards Ahu (inland) but didn't stop. However, we did go into three sets of caves. One of which had two "windows" which were openings onto a vertical rock face overlooking the sea.
Gave a lift to a Japanes girls back to Hongo Roa, otherwise she would have missed her boat.
Had a look at some more trinkets as stalls had been setup by the docks.
Headed back home, headed up Rano Kau to see the sunset, missed most of it.


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