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I have to admit that I am approaching the end of the second Harry Potter book and as such need another book. The CLP does not even mention English language bookshops, though my trusty Footprint Guide lists several. In the end I didn't find one listed in the book, but came across one whilst I was walking the streets of Providencia, more specifically Avenue September 11th.

Chile has a reason to remember September 11th, it is the day Pinochet seized power, but lets not talk about Pinochet, he was a git and nuff said.

Not only was I looking for books. I was looking for underwear; the boxer shorts that are great for the hot and cold of Boston, USA are NOT good for the heat of central Chile. It took a while, but in the most disgusting shopping plaza known to man (I'm talking about the decor more than the physical state) I was able to become the proud owner of four more boxers.

I go on about this mundane stuff I didn't really do a whole heck of a lot.

I did go to American Express, only to find it was closed, I did go to the tourist information in Cerro Santa Lucia, it was closing and I was lucky, but nobody spoke English so I had a bit of an ordeal.

I did also rent a car, as I wanted to get out of Santiago, but at my own speed and not relying on a tour.

Once again, I made my way over to the Plaza des Armas and this time I was treated to the wonderful spectator sport of Chess under the bandstand. I'm not making run, it was actually good fun walking from game to game to see how they were doing.

At sunset, I went over to the Moai beneath the Entel tower (the one that looks like the British telecom Tower in London) and did a bit of filming, where three students took interest in why I was making a fool of myself.

In the evening, I headed out to a different Internet cafe, one where I could upload my daily updates and photographs.

Dinner, unlike previously, was in a fantastic little corner side restaurant near my hotel. I retired to bed and promptly finished Harry Potter 2 and fell asleep


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