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Mamma Mia - The Movie

I think I am in a minority of one. This Pop Group to Stage to Film phenomenon has taken the world by storm, but left me wanting both my money and hours of my life back.

Yes, this film has broken box office and DVD records world wide, yes, it was up for Oscars, but I hated it.

I sought out Mamma Mia whilst it was still in the cinema after Mark Kermode on BBC Radio 5 Live suggested that in years to come, it won't be enough to say you saw Mamma Mia, but you had to see it on the big screen.

Well, I went to the "sing along" version and I can tell you that Pearce Brosnan was by no means the worst singer during the film.

Four rows down, the all girl party that had to dance and sing for each song certainly lowered the bar and blotted out most of the screen. The three rows up and to our right delighted in gossiping and half hearted signing throughout. The remainder of the audience had a go at joining in, but on the whole, I felt cheated that the "so bad it flips your mind and makes it good" effect never materialised due to not actually being able to hear just how bad the on screen singing was.


I fear I will never truly appreciate Mamma Mia as I will certainly never voluntarily see it again. 1/10.