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The perfect gift?

Every year it is a pain to find a present for my parents wedding anniversary, but this year I struck gold. My parents love gardening and have been talking about a makeover for the garden, so I decided to give them a helping hand, not with blood sweat and tears (I know nothing about gardening), but with a garden design gift package from

Electrocution for fun?

You can't pick your enemies, but when you have friends like these, who electrocute themselves for fun, you begin to think that a life re-evaluation might be in order...


So, I've duffed my knee up snowboaring and all there is to do during the day is surf the web and see rubbish movies. I saw eragon, what was I thinking?


The pitfalls of debt relief

Getting into debt is far easier then hauling yourself out. We are bombarded with commercials to help us out of debt, with offers appearing too good to be true. Is there a catch?

What of Bush's brave new world?

In one presidency, George W. Bush has managed to change the political structure of the world and increase tensions to the point of open warfare. An incredible achievement for this failed oilman from Texas.

The world stopped to draw breath

This fall Bostonian morning started like any other, walking to the office with a bagel and coffee in hand. The sky was blue, the trees were hinting at change and the summer heat would soon fade. Then, the world changed...
A personal view the day of the World Trade Center Attack, September 11th 2001.


So, whats all this about speed dating then?

With time on my hands, I thought I'd give Speed dating a go. Fun, hectic and only three minutes to get to know each "date". I had a fantastic time and thought I should find out more about this phenomenon.

The Missouri Marmite Museum

St Louis, MO, USA is the current home of the Missouri Marmite Museum so when I was passing through, I contacted Doug Schnider, the curator and part time "Doctor Marmite", to arrange a visit to his collection of Marmite memorabilia.

Yahoo! needs to eat its' own SPAM sandwich

In a public spirited way, Yahoo! is trying to make us all aware or SPAM by creating the "Yahoo! Global Anti-Spam Day". It's actually a really good idea, but...unfortunately, they need a dose of their own medicine.
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