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Narrative Clip Unboxing and Initial Review

Jan 1 2013
After a year long wait, the Narrative Clips are finally out. Originally called Memoto and funded through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the Narrative Clip has been a project that I have followed with great anticipation, so being one of the first to get a Narrative Clip is a great privilege.

Was Sony creating secret Apple PalmTop?

For years before the iPod Touch and iPhone, it was rumored that Apple was working on a new PDA/Palmtop. We knew that Apple and Sony had been getting into bed over streaming video content and that Sony had launched PalmOS machines under the Clie brand and Symbian powered machines under the SonyEricsson mobile phone brand. But what was to be made of this advertisement that is a Clie running an Apple OS?

IBM PC110 Pamltop

In the mid 1990's, IBM released the smallest, fully featured, IBM PC compatible computer. The PC110 became a hot item in Japan and found a global following from those who needed power without the weight. This APJ microsite became, and still is, one of the leading sites about this computer.

IBM DOS WebBoy browser

IBM WebBoy For DOS, was the first ever DOS compatible, W3C compliant Web browser. It can be used with Intel 386 and 486 processors. It has features similar to standard Windows and Macintosh browsers including multiple screen partition, multi image layering and graphical user interface.

Telefast acoustic coupler

Whether you encounter plugs/sockets, hard wired phones, digital PBX's or pay phones, the TeleFast Plus acoustic coupler provides a method of connecting your computer to online systems. Transmitting at speeds of up to 24,000bps, the TeleFast is lightweight and fits most handsets.

Video on the move

When APJ was first conceived, cameras were heavier, less versatile and lower quality than today. With an array of modern Digital video cameras on the market, APJ tested the fesaibility of traveling with this high tech. kit.

Email on the move

I want to supply telecomms solutions for the traveler, be it a journalist, a businessman or an entire expedition. The only problem with this idea was my total lack of experience applying my communications knowledge in practical field situations. By putting my money where my mouth was, I bought an IBM PC110 Palmtop Computer and a ticket to China. Thus started a mini odessy in the discovery of remote telecommunications....

Computer power in your backpack

You're on the road but you just can't live without your computer. What can you do? Well, those clever people at IBM, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Palm have been churning out a new breeds of portable computer. First printed in 1997, re-printed with updated notes in 2003 to contrast past technology with modern technology.

Give a Geek for Christmas

Whilst in the Carphone Warehouse, I noticed last week that the Geek Squad have come over from the USA to the UK. This is GOOD NEWS!!! Why? Well, my girlfriend is pretty good with technology, but my parants are rubbish. In both cases, I am still their computer technical support and after enough years, it gets a bit too much. So, I'm thinking about giving them a Geek for Christmas.....
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