The Geek Squad

Give a Geek for Christmas

Whilst in the Carphone Warehouse, I noticed last week that the Geek Squad have come over from the USA to the UK. This is GOOD NEWS!!!

Geek Squad UK

No prizes for guessing which one is the Geek!

Why? Well, my girlfriend is pretty good with technology, but my parants are rubbish. In both cases, I am still their computer technical support and after enough years, it gets a bit too much. So, I'm thinking about giving them a Geek for Christmas.....

After looking into the MyGeek service, it appears to boil down to this:

After signing up to MyGeek (you can do it on behalf of someone else) the person you have done this for can get their technology fixed any time throughout the year. All work is done 'remotely', where a remote Geek takes control of the mouse over an Internet connection. The Geek will also talk through the process over the phone. It costs 7 a month... Christmas could be soooo much easier :-)

Apparently, the likes of Madonna, The Rolling Stones and The Police have a Geek.

More info can be found on the Geek Squad website.

About the Geek Squad

The service has been taking technological care of home computers across the south east since the beginning of 2007 - and across the USA for 13 years. Now the rapid adoption of home technology, high speed broadband and wireless internet in the UK not only demands more technological support services but also means the UK needs more technological independence.

The Geek Squad started life 13 years ago with one Minneapolis college student, his bike, a laptop and $200. It has since grown to offer 24-hour technology support for homes all over the US. With over 15,000 agents on board, The Geek Squad in the US has not only saved crucial episodes of ER but proudly counts A-list celebrities such as Madonna, U2, The Rolling Stones amongst its fan base having used its expertise to help them with high-tech support on the road.