Eragon: Movie Review


I laughed for nearly five minutes at the end of this movie. My sides were splitting and tears were rolling down my face. Unfortunatley, this film isn't supposed to be a comedy. Eragon is probably going to make money, it looks fantastic and the books sound like they are very good too, it's just that this film is rubbish.


A farm boy calle Eragon happens upon a dragon's egg. (Wait a minute, did you say 'farm boy'?. If this is starting to sound like Star Wars, then you would be right. Star Wars without anything that made Star Wars a great movie however. Wait a minute again, did you say his name is Eragon? Isn't that just Dragon with and E instead or a D? You can tell the original book was written by a 15 year old)

Discovering this egg leads Eragon on a predestined journey where he finds that he is the one person who can defend his home against an evil king.

Review rating

Pretty on the eyes, absolutely rubbish script. Don't bother unless someone else pays for you to see it.

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