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Okay, I have to be honest here, but I had completely forgotten about this website as it was intended for use only whilst I was travelling to Easter Island.

However, I checked my server staistics the other day and found a huge amount of traffic on these pages, so.....

.....I will endevour to update as many of the pages as I can, even thought the trip was made in November/December 2001. This means a re-vamp of Easter Island history and an attempt to complete the travel diary.

One last thing, many thanks to all the posters of comments as you have given me the impetus to update this site.

Seamus Waldron, October 2003

30th November : UPDATE. I've been having major issues with my iBook i.e. it isn't working. I have manged to update all my journal entries upto and including Day 14 (Nov 29th). Some, however, are in an outline format and will be written up when my computer starts working properly.

22nd November : UPDATE. Finally got around to writing and updating the journal. No pictures yet, I have them but no time to upload them beforemy flight! Around Santiago, Valparaiso and the Rio Maipo Valley.

18th November : UPDATE. I've added days one and two. Read about flight dealys, long flights, lost baggage and my first impressions of Santiago.

Have a virtual trip to Chile and Easter Island with me, Seamus Waldron, using my unique u-Decide itinerary!!

As I travel to Chile and explore Easter Island, help me to choose my next destination or activity using u-Decide.

Track where I go, research the area for yourself and help me to choose my next destination or activity using u-Decide. Simply email me with your suggestion. (u-Decide, get it ;-) and I will either roll a dice to choose between several suggestions or if time allows poll visitors to this website.

Technology permitting, there will be daily updates, some video, some photographs and a smattering of text.

After flying to Santiago on Friday 16th of November, I will be spending a few days on the mainland before the flight to Easter Island. What should I do? Go whitewater rafting? Visit a winery? u-Decide! (how many more times can I plug this?)

I will be on Easter Island for a week. So if you want to know what the surf is like naked (think Douglas Adams*1), or you want to visit a cave or perhaps your favorite Moai, then u-Decide! (last time - honest)

I am currently researching like mad, packing, and making sure that everything works and fits! Also, I'm writing this website.

To be part of this journey, email me at rapanui@apj.co.uk.

You are currently at the dedicated website for the trip which is part of the APJ website of travel and technology.

I will also try to make updates to VirtualTourist.com. The VT site is here.

Remember - u-Decide! (sorry, I couldn't resist one last plug)

1. It is a little know fact that in the opening sequence of the TV version of The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, the naked man walking into the sea was, in-fact, Douglas Adams (he will never be forgotten)


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