There are many things about the PC 110 that do not fall nicely into categories. I've now created a Q&A page which has stuff like costs and availability. This misc. page is used for transient information that cannot easily be pigeon holed and links to other PC110 web sites and information.

What's here?

Links to those with PC110 related information
Note: This is just a short list for now, but it will be extended on a regular basis. Please e-mail me if your site, or one you know of is not here. Information (in English) on Japanese language sites is greatly appreciated.)

English PersonaWare Modules

From Seamus Waldron

Download latest modules 226K
Includes City1s.Txt and Ultra Charge, see intermediate Update
Update 0.3 18/03/1997

Intermediate update 54K
Contains Ultra Charge, a utility to recharge your PC110 whilst you work. Also contains the Address book. Modified to give more room for telephone number display
Update 0.3.1 16/04/1997

PersonaWare is Japanese. That is always going to be a problem. However, IBM have supplied the source code for three of the Personaware modules - Scheduler, ToDo List and Address book. I have taken these and translated as much as I can into English. I have also modified some of the code very slightly.

Currently, I am making available a very crude release of these new Anglesised modules. Some of the translations have not been made and wording for others needs to be improved. However, these three modules are very useable in there current state by English speakers with no knowledge of Japanese.

I welcome all comments on how to improve these English versions. From the dialog/page designs to the translations.

The modules are supplied in a single Zip file. Click HERE to download it.

To Install,

1. Change to you PesonaWare direcotry and rename the following files

MetAgent.Old * NEW *

2. Copy the files in this archive into your PersonaWare area. The above three files will be updated.

Please read the Read Me file contained in the Zip for the latest instructions.

City location data file for PersonaWare, supplied by Rich Belgard

From Rich Belgard
Update Seamus Waldron

"For those of you who would like to use the Personaware Scheduler that comes with the IBM PC110, but dont read Japanese, I have created an alternate file, city1s.txt (with updates by S. Waldron), available for download. There are instructions for adding cities at the end of the file."

Click on the link. This will bring the file into your browser, then use file|save to store.

The original file can be found at this location.

City1s.Txt is now supplied in the English PersonaWare download Zip.

Adding a link to this site

If you wish to a link to this site, by all means do so in any way you wish. However, if you could use the URL http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~seamus-waldron/pc110_link.html, it will allow me to distinguish between hits from search engines and hits from other people links , thanks.

Games playing

To be fair, you are not going to get DukeNukem or F1 Grand Prix 2 running at great speeds on a PC110. What will work well are games that you were playing a year or so ago. Command and Conquer should run (haven't tried), Doom is great. I mainly play Sinclair Spectrum games on a spectrum emulator. These games are small in size but high on playability. Also, I play games that were knocking around on the PC about 6 years ago.

More computer game information will appear here after more investigation..... ;-)

AD&D GamesMaster

Palmtop machines can have many uses, but Andrew Prentis uses his PC110 for storing information for past, future and current campaigns in the mystical world of Dungeons & Dragons (and it's ilk). He also uses it to create some web pages for his site Fallow's Cross.

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