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Unit with accessories The PC 110 has a specification that is hard to beat, even today, in a PalmTop. Plugged into the mains with external keyboard, mouse and monitor, you can use it as a DeskTop machine. I have mine at work as a second computer, connected to the internal network through a network adaptor that runs though the parallel port.

On the road, the IBM PC110 can be used without the docking station, keyboard, etc and run software from the internal SanDisk.

What's here?

from Amanda Walkers web page.

  • Light weight: 630g [1.3lb] (including 90g battery), A6 size
  • CPU: SL Enhanced i486SX-33MHz
  • Display: 640 x 480 x 256 pixels, 4.7 inch diagonal SVGA DSTN color LCD
  • Data/fax/voice modem built in, and is usable as telephone (uses "Wing Jack" modular jack)
  • "Pointing Head" pointing device allows speedy one or two handed operation
  • Pen-sensitive pad for drawing or writing
  • Front-mounted LCD time and battery level indicator
  • SoundBlaster-compatible sound input and output
  • Internal IrDA compliant 115kbps serial infrared high speed data transfer port
  • 4MB internal flash EPROM (comes formatted as the boot disk)
  • Two Type II PCMCIA slots (can be used as one Type III slot)
  • One "compact flash" SanDisk slot
  • Connector for phone headset, external keyboard/mouse
  • Docking station adds external monitor, keyboard, mouse and floppy. Also adds serial and parallel ports.
  • 10.5v power supply

PCMCIA and SanDisk

Flashdisk On the left side of the machine you have 2 Type II PCMCIA slots, though the chances are that you will use up both of them for a hard disk.

On the right of the machine you have a SanDisk CompactFlash slot. This is a smaller, PCMCIA compatible, flash card which has the promise of being used widely in the future. Currently, some digital cameras use SanDisk technology to store images.

Data/Fax/Voice Modem

Modem The internal modem is a bit pathetic, but just about useable. Windows 95 reports it as a "Standard Modem". I have not used the PC 110 to send a fax yet nor have I used it as a phone. As the earpiece for the phone broke of very quickly and thus broke off a part of the circuit, it is unlikely that I will ever use any of the telephone functionality. However, from within Windows 95, you can use the microphone in the mouthpiece to record .WAV files.

PCMCIA Based Hard Disk

Unit with Hard Disk The optional hard disk is a Viper 260meg device. You can make it bootable and with compression you can double it's capacity.

I will post speed test results eventually.

Docking Station

Unit with Docking Station

The Docking station has ports for an external monitor, external keyboard, external mouse (both of these have to have PS/2 connectors), a parellel and serial port and also a floppy disk connector.

Note: The main unit does have a a connector for an external mouse and keyboard, though these are not PS/2).

Power Supply

Connector The PC 110 runs off a 10.5v power supply. This is fine for Japan and North America, though in Europe you are a bit stuffed. You have two options in europe.

  • 1. Buy a transformer.
    This is not really an option unless as you have to lug the thing around with you. I do have a transformer, but I leave it at work so I can plug my PC 110 into the mains during the day.

  • 2. Buy a multi-adaptor from a Sony center or Tandy or some such. Set it to 9v and plug in. I have had absolutly no trouble with this. Infact, I am planning to buy a 9v car adaptor, so my PC 110 can be used on the move.

apj home > technology > IBM PC110 > Hardware.
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