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The English PC110 community grew steadily through the late Nineties, but alas has peaked, as users move towards more modern machines.

It is now time, before users start to remove website, to crete a catelogue of websites that are up and running today and to archive them for further prosperity. To begin the effort, I have created a couple of web pages that will allow the PC110 community to collectively create a definative list of PC110 websites which can then be used as a basis for the archiving effort.

To review and add links to the list, click here.

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Links to those with PC110 related information

PC110 Listserver Yahoo groups now hosts the PC110 listserver. For more information and to join, follow this link : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PC110
Julie Strietelmeier Julie is is into gadgets and for many years hosted the PC110 listserver.
Daniel Basterfield Dan's site covers the installation of Windows 3.1, 95, and NT, as well as OS/2, onto the PC110. Also contains huge amounts of usage tips and details of overclocking to 40MHz.
Marko Schuste Comprehensive FAQ about the PC110. Essential reading (click here for extract contained on this site).
Little Travel Guy Humerous interlude. Little Travel Guy went on holiday and took his PC110 with him.
Amanda Walker Site containing information on how to configure the PC110 for English operation (click here for similar information contained on this site) and how to install Window 95. Other interesting information includes photographs and a PDF illustration showing the actual size of the PC110.
Hermit This site is in Japanese. It contains a mini-FAQ and stuff that does look interesting, if only I could read Japanese.
Ozaki Web site in Japanese, with information on various IBM products and the HP 200LX. The PC110 section contains some good photographs, giving you a sense of size and showing you exactly what the inside of a PC110 looks like.
Yongguang Zhang's PC110 Page English site describing the PC110 running Linux.
Robb Woldman Robb supplied me with a lot of information about how to configure the PC110 to run in 256 colours under Windows 95.
Valtan's Home Page This is a new site which is quite sparse but has a large collection of PC110 links. You navigate around the site using a PersonaWare type interface.
AnswerSleuth Lots of links about PC-110 and Libretto, and other portables.
FreeBSD on a PC110 Palmtop Unix in your hand. Describes experiences in running Unix on an IBM PC110 palmtop computer.
IBM wearables This is the only known mention of the PC110 on the IBM USA website.
PC110 Manual in English The aim of this manual is to provide you with the essential information you will need in order to operate the PC110.
Starliner's PC 110 Page Links to PC110 FAQs in pdf files.
WMousePd Windows driver for the touch/pen pad on the IBM PC110 palmtop.

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