History timeline of Easter Island

History timeline overview

200 B.C.Polynesia begins to be settled
300 A.D.Rapa Nui / Easter Island settled
600Ahu's at Vinapu and Tahai constructed
1000Overuse of natural resources, deforestation underway
1500Intensive warfare, Moai construction ceasing, Birdman cult develops
1600Natural resources failing, Birdman cult failing and cannibalism starts
1722Easter Sunday. Admiral Jacob Roggeveen (Dutch)
1770Gonzalez names Easter Island San Carlos(Spanish)
1774James Cook visists.(British)
1786La Perouse (French)

Occasional visits from passing ships
1805New England whaler, The Nancy, kidnaps 22 islanders (USA)
1859 - 1862Peruvian slave trades take in excess of 1000 islanders to work on the Peruvian Guano trade
1864(Jan.) Arrival of first missionary from Valparaiso
1867Commercial exploitation begins with the arrival from Tahiti of M. Dutrou Bornier. Subsequently murdered by the local population who claimed he “fell from a horse”.
1868H.M.S. Topaze removes two statues, later presenting Hoa Haka Nana Ia to Queen Victoria and the other to the British Museum. Both now held by the British Museum
1872Pierre Loti, L'Ile de Paques visits the island.
1888Visit by the American warship Mohican
 Annexed by Chile
1897Mr. Merlot of Valparaiso leases the greater part of the Island and subsequently form a company for the "Exploitation of Easter Island".
1914Katherine Routeledge visits for a yearlong expedition to the island. Publishes the book "The Mystery of Easter Island" in 1919
until 1952Leased to private companies (some British influence?)
1955Thor Heyerdahl visits Easter Island
1965Airport constructed, reliance on yearly Chilean Navy visits reduces
1966Chile declares Easter Island a province
1969Tahai restored by Mulloy
1986Landing strip extended to allow Easter Island to be used as an emergency landing strip for the NASA Space Shuttle

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