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Out and about

With a week on Easter Island, I decided I was able to take my time to visit the various areas.

My first day was a self guided walking tour of Hangaroa. I had lunch in town and walked along the coastline and returned by way of the museum and the cemetary. My last visit of the day was the Ana Tai Kanata cave, as I was staying near there.

My second day was a days walk upto the village of Orongo on Rano Kao. I spent the entire day in this effort, partly by taking the time to descend into the crater and to walk out intot he reed beds in the crater lake. I higly recommend a large supply of water.

My third day I borrowed a bicycle and started to go further afield. Each day I branched out more and more. It is essential to take plenty of water, to wear a hat and sun protection cream.

I also made sure that I mostly went around the iland in a counter-clockwise direction. there was a very good reason for this, most of the tour groups go in a clockwise direction.

If you don't have a huge amount of time, do a tour on your first day and then with any time remaining, rent a bicycle or jeep and visit those places that interested you most.

I was on the island for over a week and had the luxury of being able to spend time at each site I wanted to visit.

Fishing boats Climbing Rano Kao Roaming horses
on Rano Kao
Taking a break
from cycling
Underground in
a lava tube

apj home > destinations > Rapa Nui / Easter Island > Out & About.
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