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I have been fascinated with Easter Island since childhood, when I first saw pictures of stranded moai on the face of Rano Raraku.

In the mid 90's my fascination turned into research as I scoured the second-hand bookstores of Charing Cross road in London for anything about "The Mystery of Easter Island". It is not surprising that I picked up a book by Thor Heyadhal. I was hooked and a burning ambition ignited within me to make the journey, half way around the world, to Easter Island.

After nearly ten years, I had digested a great deal of books, video and magazine articles. I thought I had learned everything there was to know. But when I actually stood gazing at my first moai on Easter Island, with the crystal blue of the Pacific Ocean in backdrop, I realised that neither pictures or words could capture how it felt to actually see these great statures with my own eyes.

It was obvious; everything I knew about Easter Island was a lie. To be truth, I would have to find it all out for myself, see everything, feel everything, hear everything, ultimately to make my own conclusions. Some perhaps would be insightful, others perhaps misguided or incorrect, but they would be mine, based on the evidence before me.

apj home > destinations > Rapa Nui / Easter Island > Personal Overview.
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